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Economic Criminal Law

The professionals at Serrano-Hatero have specialised in Economic Criminal Law, offering qualified advice in those criminal matters related to the defence of the assets of individuals and companies, and more specifically in the following:

  • Crimes against the socio-economic order.
    • Scams.
    • Misappropriations.
    • Private-to-private Corruption.
    • Punishable insolvencies (asset stripping).
    • Damage.
    • Extortion.
    • Usurpation.
    • Robbery and theft.
  • Corporate offence.
  • Town planning and land use planning offence.
  • Crimes against the Administration.
    • Prevarication.
    • Embezzlement.
  • Crimes relating to intellectual and industrial property
  • Market and consumer offences.
  • Crimes against public finances and social security
  • Falsehoods.
    • Counterfeiting of currency and stamped effects.
    • Documentary falsehoods.
    • Intrusiveness.

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